Whether you have multiple cats feasting on our fresh grass or just one feline that finds it irresistible – we know how important it is to keep their routine consistent.

Ensure your cat never goes without their favorite fun and nutritional treat. Our auto-ship program allows you to choose how often you receive fresh deliveries of Pet Grass. And as a caring pet parent, you’ll receive 10% off the purchase price when you enroll in the auto-ship program.

You know your cat’s needs best, so let us know if they need a fresh delivery of Pet Grass

  • Every week
  • Every two weeks
  • Every three weeks
  • Every four weeks

It’s easy to sign up. Just select you and your cat’s preferred delivery frequency when you check out. (10% savings will be automatically applied to your order).

Brosnan the cat, getting into his fresh delivery of Pet Grass® Whisker Greens™