5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Greens

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5 reasons why your cat needs wheatgrass

Start the New Year with a healthy lifestyle for you and your cat. Cats are natural carnivores, but living indoors limits their natural behaviors and access to nutrients they get foraging outside. Adding greens to the daily playtime and mealtime routines of your feline family members will keep them happy & healthy for years to come. Still a bit skeptical? Check out … Read More

Did You Know? Your Kitty is Not a Complete Carnivore

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Domestic shorthair cat, hunting in the yard

Lions, tigers, and kitties (oh my!) are all natural predators who need a meat-based diet to stay healthy. You may be surprised to learn, however, that even these consummate carnivores need to snack on plants. Cats like greens! Out in the wild, big cats get their greens from chowing down on herbivore prey (aka plant eaters). Commercial cat food is … Read More

Yes, Your Cat Needs Wheatgrass In Her Diet, Too!

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Raw wheatgrass & wheatgrass juice

If you’ve ever walked into a smoothie shop, you are sure to see wheatgrass shots as an ingredient that can be added to your smoothie to give you a health boost. Perhaps you even make wheatgrass smoothies for yourself at home. Wheatgrass is popular in health and fitness circles, because it brims with important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, … Read More