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Pet Grass

As enthusiastic pet parents ourselves, we believe that every cat deserves love, life enrichment and tasty treats. That’s why we created Pet Greens, a yummy and nutritionally sound snack that will delight your feline’s taste buds and spark her interest.


Pet Greens Cat Grass is certified organic wheatgrass that contains many important nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants. All of our wheatgrass is grown from 100% certified organic seed, planted with care by hand in real soil to provide the maximum benefits of this amazing nutritional resource. The little seeded pots are then rotated through our greenhouses, receiving the perfect amounts of water and sunlight to be ready to ship to your home at just the right stage of development


We believe in the importance of greens for the overall health and well-being of our pets, which is why we want to put containers of Pet Greens Cat Grass in every feline home. Many cats crave greens and will often nibble on house plants in an attempt to satisfy that natural urge, so providing a container or two of organic Pet Greens Cat Grass will give them a much safer and healthier option. Pet Greens Cat Grass also provides mental and emotional benefits for your cat, helping to keep her entertained and reduce boredom when you can’t be around to play and cuddle.


Each package includes three containers of fully-grown wheatgrass to place around your house. (Or hide for more fun!) It’s a special treat that your cat will start nibbling on the moment it’s delivered to your door and unwrapped.

We love all cats, and hope your cats enjoy all the healthy fun from Pet Greens for many years to come.